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Product range

Samaria Yummy company offers the following product range:

  • Frozen pork offals: pork feet (front and hind), ears, ear flaps, stomachs, tails, intestine, head, skin, bladder, aorta, penis;

  • Frozen beef offals: beef tripe, omasum, lips, penis, aorta, tendon, paddywack, intestine;

  • Frozen chicken offals: chicken feet, paws, skin, back, head; gizzards.

All by-products are pre-cleaned of blood and dirt, and fully meet the sanitary requirements for quality treatment.

Quality guarantee

Our company has a refrigeration and storage facilities where products are accumulated from most part of Russian slaughterhouses and meat processing plants. Our employees process received products, then sort by quality. At the end of all the products are packed in export cartons with fixed weight and placed in a refrigerator at -18 to -20 degrees Celsius.

Because of the careful separation of products to different quality categories, we provide stability of quality of products supplied to our customers.

Despite the fact that all consignments, coming from factories to our warehouses, are accompanied by veterinary certificate, certificate of conformity and certificate of quality, we still conduct further testing of samples of received consignments in the accredited independent laboratory - to permit the quality and safety of products, since it is one of our most important priorities.


Our company sells mainly on terms CFR / CIF.

All products are shipped in 40-foot Ref-containers from our warehouses to the port of St. Petersburg, and then to the port of destination. Throughout transportation Goods are stored in Ref-container at the temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. This ensures safety and freshness of supplied products.

Set of documents

Once the goods pass the veterinary and customs control at the port of St. Petersburg, following export documents are issued:

  • International Veterinary Certificate – Health Certificate;

  • Certificate of Origin (issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation);

  • Bill of Lading (after placing on the vessel).

List of export documents is evidence that Goods are shipped and placed on the vessel.

Volumes of shipments

Monthly our company supplies to Southeast Asia around 500 - 750 tons of meat by-products. And it is  not the limit of our possibilities!

Samaria Yummy LLC invites you to become good partners for each other on the way to a successful business!

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